What The “So-Called” Guru’s Don’t Tell You…

Janak and I make the majority of our income each month from selling our own ebooks and programs.
We also have a blog, which is actually only step 2 or even 3 in our fitness business sales process.

There is plenty of money to be made in selling ebooks….BUT there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

The wrong way will send you broke….and the Right way can make your business incredibly profitable.

The right way to sell eBooks is through first “automating yourself” using digital online technology.

This is how we have the ability to train an ‘unlimited’ number of clients around the world.

So what do I mean by Automating Yourself?

Let Me Be Clear

What I’m teaching you will go against most conventional advice you may be used to!

My aim is not to disrespect your current career choice, as no doubt the work that you do is valued and valuable to helping others.

BUT to have the time freedom and money freedom you deserve from your business, you need to start incorporating what I’m about to teach you into your business.

This way you will have multiple sources of income that do not rely on YOU under the Time For Money business model.

Secret #1: Do The Work Once, Get Paid Forever.

When we first discovered this secret, it literally changed our business overnight!

Let me explain this concept with a question….

If you created a Video that showed your unique step-by-step system on how to do xyz, how many times could you possibly sell that video?

The answer is as many times as you like!

If you put all the information you know about your specific area of expertize into a step by step information guide, how many times could you sell that guide?

The answer is as many times as you like!

Just look at the success of something like the P90X workout video programs….
Tony Horton, the trainer, is not out there training people one on one…..and I’m pretty sure he’s worth millions by now!

In some ways Tony Horten has replicated (Automated) himself through his DVD’s, giving him the ability to train millions of people every year on the P90X system.

The below report outlines how we transformed our little one-on-one Personal Training Business into a international empire operating in over 12 countries around the world, using just this one core concept.

This same concept has allowed us to help, get and train over 500 new clients each month on our weight loss programs without ever meeting them!


In fact we don’t know any of our clients and we have never seen them, but month after month we get countless success stories, some with before and after photos, into our in-box telling us how our weight loss programs are so awesome!

We have no employees because we fired them all.

Actually we do have one virtual assistant. We run our entire business from just our laptops as we travel around.

I’m not sure what your goal is with your business, but our dream was to have enough income coming in every month to allow us to travel and experience the world, while still in the fitness industry.

Wanting to travel, we could not be tied to our clients personally or be location based.

We had to think of a way to replicate ourselves.

At this point, most “So Called” Gurus will tell you to create systems and hire more people.

They will tell you that you need to get more clients…but there is only so many hours in a day.

They may even suggest you franchise your business to grow and make more income.

Wrong answer!

Been there done that. We found that all of the above suggestions keep you TRAPPED and create way more WORK than necessary.

Hiring any type of employee or contractor can be a real pain in the butt.

Which is why we needed to think of a better way to train our clients.

If your goal is have more time freedom and money freedom and help more people achieve their goals, then this program (http://www.escapethephotocopylife.com/join2/) will show you the concepts for creating a truly scalable profitable fitness business.

-Nalisha Patel