The B.S ‘Guru’ Detector Test

Do you want to know my BIGGEST Frustration with the “Get Rich Quick” and “Make Millions Online” Industry?

It is the number of so-called Gurus of Business making a living SOLELY by teaching other people how to be successful when they themselves have never achieved any level of success outside of just TEACHING other people how to be successful!

Bizarre right!

Let me explain…

Would you go to a Fat, Overweight Personal Trainer for weight loss advice?

Would you hand over money to a Doctor advising you on how to prevent heart attacks, when they themselves are sitting there obese and unhealthy?

The answer is clearly NO! (I hope that was your answer too!)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve dealt with many a BS Guru like that in the service industry.

I had a fat doctor…then I dumped him to see a new, incredibly fit doctor who clearly walked his talk.

I had an overweight Personal Trainer wanting to join my business. She clearly DID NOT work out, or eat well..and she wanted to teach others?!

Anyway, Don’t Make the same $15,976 mistake I made…

Here’s our story, I hope it will help you out.

I am going to teach you the TOP 4 Ways to detect a ‘B.S Guru’.

When I was starting out in business, I were green….I mean, really Green! I had no idea what to do. Not a clue where to start. Zilch…nada…zero!

How do you put up a website? How do you create a product? How do you market a product? How do even start and build a business?

These were some of the questions running through my mind. Janak and I were hungry for information from anyone who claimed they could help us.

One day, along comes….Mr. B.S Business Coach/Guru Extraordinaire…in his shiny Red Porsche, with his fancy office, promising Nalisha and I all the answers we will ever need to make millions…all in exchange for $1800/month.

So, after mortgaging our house and maxing out our credit cards (back then, when we did not have much money, we did whatever it took!) and working with him for over 8 months, we discovered this guy was learning as he coached us!

He had never run a successful business in his life.

In fact, this guy was learning from the mistakes we were making and then giving that advice back to us!

If something did not work in our business,  he would then go and tell his other clients what not to do.

Before we turned up to a coaching session, he no doubt was Google’ing and researching all our questions, making himself look knowledgeable.

At the end of the day, we had to take responsibility. It was our own fault that we didn’t follow the rules I will outline for you below…

BS Detection Lesson #1: Do your research.

Do your research on anyone trying to sell you courses or coaching services (including me!) on building a business.

Check they are actually practicing what they preach. Find out if they have built a successful business outside of just trying to teach it.

If you can’t find anything….Run the other way as fast as you can!!

BS Detection Lesson #2: Stay Educated.

It will take you more time but unless you can learn direct from someone who is already living the life you desire, then you are going to have to put in the hours.

BS Detection Lesson #3: Don’t be fooled easily.

Your perception is everything to BS Gurus.

It’s easy to take a Bentley for a test drive and get a few pictures of yourself, implying you are the owner.

It’s easy to take a picture in a shared office space, making it look like you are in charge of a huge company.

It is easy to try on an Armani suit or buy a knock-off Louis Vuitton bag to make yourself look extremely successful…

….You get the idea!

You stick a few of these on the internet and anyone would think you have it made!

So…make sure any ‘Gurus’ have real proof to back up their story/successes.

Quick tip: Usually the media have done their research, so seek out experts who get talked about through other people and the media.

BS Detection Lesson #4: Is the Guru living what he teaches?

Are they teaching you how to get into shape and lose weight? If so, then they had better be in the best shape of their life!

Are they teaching you how to build an online business to market your services? If so, then they better be running a successful business in another industry BESIDES just teaching others!

Are they teaching you how to free your time, live anywhere, work anywhere and jet set around the world?

Then they better be living that lifestyle! (OK yes, that was a little reference to my own life!)

I hope this helps you detect all the BS Gurus out there who want to take your hard-earned money.

Leave your comments below! Do you have a great BS Guru story you want to share?

Talk Soon

Nalisha Patel

The “BS GURU” Detector!

Co-Founder of HealthMastery Ltd

and the ‘Escape The Photocopy Life’ System….Opening Soon!

PS: Losing $15,976 was just one mistake out of countless other….There’s also the story of the $26,000 worth of USELESS websites…but I will tell you about that some other time!