3 Top Habit and Brain Tips to Create Real Change (Part 2 of 3)

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Continuing on from Part 1.

Set up your environment to help you implement new habits








Does your environment support your goals and act as a TRIGGER to help you take action?

Using the exercise example, do you even know EXACTLY which exercise routine you intend to follow and where?

Are you planning to join a gym, and if so, which one and at what time will you go there?

Will you instead use a home-based dumbbell routine, and if so, is it printed off and put by your workout gear
so you know EXACTLY what to do?

Decide on the workout routine you will follow – print if off, get the dvd or organize whatever you need to ensure you
know EXACTLY what you will be doing.

  • Where will you work out? Gym or at home? Which gym or which room in the house?
  • Set up your workout gear the night before and fill up your water bottle.
  • Plan out your pre-exercise meal if need be and prepare it the night before if you can.
  • Set your alarm….etc, etc, etc.

Plan out and organize your environment to support your goal and you’ll start seeing some positive changes!

I personally set up all my workout gear on a chair by my bed, all ready for me the next morning and defrost blueberries overnight in the fridge, ready for a pre-workout snack. Works every time as a TRIGGER!

Another environment TRIGGER I use is packing my Nook for my morning walks on the beach.
This ensures I get in at least 30 minutes of quality reading time in the morning before the busyness of the day takes over….








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