Mid-Year Audit – 3 Top Habit and Brain Tips to Create Real Change (Part 1 of 3)

Do you expect to be successful given how you are currently using your time, energy and skills?

We are nearly half-way through the year, so…..
….How are you doing?!

checklistTake a look over the last 5-6 months and do an ‘Audit’ on your results in all areas of your life:

  • Health –
  • Finances/Career –
  • Relationships –
  • Personal Development –
  • Other major area of your life –

If things are not really progressing as you hope, try these 3 suggestions:

1) Visualize your ideal outcomes and mentally rehearse these outcomes daily

Do you have all the intention in the world of getting up tomorrow morning and working out, yet know, based on previous actions you will properly ‘skip it’?

If so, don’t beat yourself up!

It’s much easier to stick to a well-established routine than it is to carve out a new one.

What to do:

Quit the negative self-talk or putting yourself down for failing to do what you intended.
Creating new habits take patience and perseverance, but you can make it easier for yourself with some specific action steps, as outlined below.

Write out your ideal routine and action steps in as much detail as you can.

Then just before you go to sleep each night, mentally rehearse that ideal routine.

Using the above exercise example, mentally rehearse yourself getting up in the morning and putting on your workout gear and sneakers.
See yourself as clearly as you can in your mind’s eye, heading out the door for a walk, or picking up your dumbbells to start your routine.
Attach some emotion to your visualization.

  • Imagine yourself working up a sweat and feeling the endorphins flooding your system. Imagine yourself feeling great!
  • Image yourself feeling pumped, sweaty and energized!
  • Image yourself later in the day feeling so proud you have already worked out for the day.
  • Image standing taller and straighter as your body feels relaxed, energized and more vibrant as you go about your day.

Take 3-5 minutes each night to go over a specific mental rehearsal of actions to support any new habits you wish to form.

As you know we travel a lot, my routines get out of whack when we move cities or apartments.

I get a great routine of meditation going when we’re in an apartment for 4-5 weeks and then when we have short stints in places, I really lose the routine. I am currently mentally rehearsing doing meditation no matter the circumstances!

Share your thoughts below….

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