Who Is Nalisha Patel?

Nalisha Patel is a lover of travel, adventures and making sure each day IS NOT the same as the last!

She is a digital marketing consultant to Entrepreneurs, helping them to build a Digital Lifestyle Business.

Her and her husband, Janak, built up Australasia's Largest 'In-home' mobile fitness company, with Licensed Personal Trainers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

They since turned that business into a 100% online one, now operating in over 13 countries worldwide.
Now that their business is 100% mobile, they are free to travel the world while building and growing their business.

After operating her unique online health & fitness programs for over 7 years, she now helps other Entrepreneurs Digitize their knowledge into Digital Products, so they too can travel the world.

She has been featured on the Huffington Post, Yahoo Travel, Australia's 'Wake-up' Television Morning Show, and in the Sydney Morning Herald about her unique travel lifestyle, while running her digital companies.

She is an award winning entrepreneur, author of several books, including 'How to Escape the Photocopy Life', and co-founder of the Escape the Photocopy Life 12 week Program and Digital Fitness Marketer, an independent company helping fitness professionals to monetize their fitness knowledge into profitable online digital products and programs to help create more time and freedom for themselves.

If you would like to contact Nalisha or Janak Patel regarding business opportunities, media requests, business related speaking engagements on living the Mobile Lifestyle or how to transform your business, please email:

Nalisha Patel is an internationally recognized Health & Fitness expert on psychology based health & fitness training.

She is the author and writer of several Health & Fitness books and has been featured as a wellness advisor in over 65 local & international magazines.

She is the designer of the Look Forever30 Program and the SkinnyChick Challenge. Both programs are sold throughout the world.

She’s a trusted health & fitness advisor, consultant and coach to thousands of clients worldwide who have participated in her unique online fitness programs.

Below are media samples from dozens of television & media publications which have featured Nalisha. Nalisha is always at the forefront on what is happening in the health & fitness industry. She regularly interviews leading experts from all around the world who are focused on personal development, wellness, fitness and health.

All these learning's are then incorporated and interwoven throughout her programs combined with her unique psychology components ensure long term benefits in all areas of health & well being for her members.

Read how the Editor of Next Magazine (Leading Women's Life Style Magazine) did on Nalisha's 12 week "Get the Body You Desire" Challenge. Click The Cover To Read The Full Story:

Discover how 4 lucky Readers of Woman' Day Magazine lost combined total of over 32 Kilos in 6 Weeks Following Nalisha's Weight Loss System.

Click The Magazine Cover to read the full Story.

Television Appearances

School of Success - TV Show

See Nalisha & Janak featured On The School Of Success Television Show... A 4 part documentary on business

About this show

From a millionaire aiming for the rich list, to an ATM installer hoping to become a police officer, the skills required are the same. Experts Dr Marc Wilson, business guru Tony Falkenstein and master motivator John Wall challenge the students to take responsibility for their own success.

For three months the students must undertake experiments, personality profiles and have their business plans put under scrutiny.

In a world laden with self-help books and get-rich-quick schemes, The School of Success examines why decisive action is the real secret to success. The series believes it's a common misconception that people are born lucky, but also wants to show viewers that even luck can be learnt. It is all about having the right mindset and understanding the psychology.

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New Zealand Television One - News

Nalisha Appears on New Zealands Television One News discussing her views on BMI (Body Mass Index).

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Awards Received

Nalisha Patel receives the award of 2008 New Zealand Young Business Person of the Year from Westpac -Runner up for Excellence in business & helping clients

Nalisha's Articles have been featured in over 52 Local and International Magazines. Click the covers below to read the full story.

Check out Nalisha's latest article on "How to get the best ROI from your workplace wellness program" featured in EHS Today Magazine read by over 87000 Industry professionals in America.

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"Boost Club Member Retention by Creating Habits" by Nalisha as featured in Club Industry the worlds leading publication for Health & Fitness Clubs.

Past Columns

Click Here "Three Ways to Nurture Prospects and Convert Them to Club Members"

Click Here"Persuasive Tactics to Retain Health Club Members for Life"

Experts who have contributed to our programs to ensure members get the best results
john covey stedman
Dr John Gray
Dr Michael Roizen
Dr Stephen Covey
Stedman Graham
7 habits
Dr John Gray, author of international bestseller "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus". Nalisha interviews Dr John Gray in LA to learn how a relationship can influence each partners' weight. Nalisha interviews one of worlds best known Doctor's Dr Mike Roizen, as seen regularly on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the author of best selling health book "You, The Owners Manual". Nalisha learns the best secrets to staying young and healthy from her 1 hour interview with Dr Roizen. International best selling author Dr Stephen Covey talks to Nalisha about Self Leadership and how this can cross over into being more healthy and happy. Nalisha flys to Chicago to meet Stedman Graham, best selling author on leadership and empowering yourself to be better. She learns about his 9 steps to success process and how it can be used for better health and wellbeing.

Nalisha Interviews Dr John Gray - The Author of the most popular relationship book on the Planet - "Men are from Mars Women Are From Venus" and discusses the topics of why women start gaining weight after marriage.

Magazine Feature Nalisha

Her Magazine

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Her Business Magazine

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New Zealand Fitness Magazine

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Huffington Post - Interview - Use Your Bucket List to Design Your Life

Janak and Nalisha Patel made some big changes in their life, and fortunately, they had their bucket list to guide them. They've been together since they were 17 and 20 years old. Like anyone that age, they had big dreams; they wanted to travel, have nice cars, a huge house and live by the beach. They wanted it all.....


Yahoo! Travel - The New Digital Nomads

“We did not want to wait until we were 65 to live life,” said Nalisha, 33. As a lifestyle consultant, she and her husband, Janak, 36, a former mechanical engineer, own and run an online wellness and lifestyle business. Early in their marriage, the Patels wanted a house by the beach and fancy cars, but once they attained this, they became disenchanted. “The photocopy life — same work and experiences every day — did not provide lasting happiness,” she said. “We realized we really wanted to travel. It’s all about new experiences. That’s what excites us.”



Hi, Welcome to my website. Just in case we have never met, I'm Nalisha. That's my husband Janak next to me.

If you are personal trainer or health & fitness professional you are in luck!

Why?....Well, What you About To Discover Will Fundamentally change the way you get and train clients forever!

Imagine if you could get and train 1000's of clients from all over the world on Auto-Pilot every single month. Imagine if you never had to actually physically go out and train another client ever again. Imagine if you could now be free to do what ever you want with your time.....what would you do?

Would you travel? would you spend more time with your loved ones? Would you go and do everything on your bucket list?

Let me explain, just like you I am a fitness professional. I know all the struggles that you are going through in your fitness business. You know, like not getting enough clients to make ends meet, those crazy working hours, non consistent income, dealing with disgruntled unhappy clients who blame you, in fear of other trainers bad mouthing us and stealing our clients, and not to mention working without having any vacations!

Back in 2005 my husband and I built the largest in-home mobile personal training company in Australasia under my company HealthMastery. We had dozens of personal trainers working for us who had licensed our unique training system. Life was good, really good in fact! We thought we had it made until we discovered a fundamental flaw in the traditional personal training business model.

You see we discovered something the 'so-called' marketing experts do not teach us. You do not even learn this in Personal Training School.

But it was too late. Our business came crashing down right in front of us.

And I can guarantee that if you want to grow your fitness business it will sooner or later happen to you too unless you follow some of the principals I am about to teach you!

.We then had to literally re-build our business brick by brick but we discovered a New Way of training clients. In fact it was revolutionary! Using digital technology we built a 100% scalable fitness business that allows us to train an unlimited number of clients. You see as a personal trainer your income is limited by the number of clients you can train in any given day. You are also bound to your location. With the system I am about to share with you can train 1000's of clients all over the world on Autopilot. If you are interested in learning more simply click here to download my free report on how to Escape The Time-For-Money Trap in your fitness business. I discovered these simple secrets the hard way through painstaking trial and error click here to download my free report

NEWS.COM.AU/ Australia's Channel 10 Wake up Morning Show

How did this couple travel and live in 35 cities in two years?

NEW ZEALAND locals Janak and Nalisha Patel had always dreamt of travelling the world together.

Finally, they decided to make a move that changed their lives forever. They left their jobs and their home in New Zealand and set off an adventure that has turned into something much, much more: a lifestyle.


As seen in The Sydney Morning Herald

There was a time when Nalisha Patel and her husband Janak dreamt of having an expensive house, fancy cars and a bulging bank account.

These days – after a radical shift in thinking – they have designed their own fairytale life, living in dream locations around the world while continuing to build a successful digital business from their laptops.