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In the last blog, we talked about the importance of getting Media Attention to really catapult your business.


2 Simple Tips for getting Media


1) Have a Master List of magazines, publications and websites that target your specific audience. Start compiling a list of contact details for key people for those resources. Check inside the cover of your target magazines for editor’s details, or the business website for key contact details.


2) Get started contacting Media Outlets and pitching your story. Be relentless! Often times they will come back to you when they are desperate to fill a slot, or the timing is better for them.

What’s the best way to contact them?


Well start with email so you can explain yourself clearly. Be as simple, succinct and to the point as possible. Journalists are busy, so they want to skim for the best pitch!

Know in advance what the key points of your story are.

In time you will build up a list of credible contacts, which could lead you to being published on The Huffington Post!

The Huffington Post Video:

Janak and I were recently interviewed on The Huffington Post about how we created our business around our Bucket List.

We had initially made a connection with the Interviewer a good 1.5 years before he interviewed us for The Huffington Post. When the time was right, he asked if he could interview  feature us. We had kept in touch via email and Facebook.

Get some simple tips to help you tick items of YOUR own Bucket List at the Article and Video Interview Link below!



Be sure to check it out, and then email me at and let me know what you think!

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Written by Nalisha Patel – co-creator of The Escape the Photocopy Life program

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