Why Selling E-Books Won’t Make You Rich

So you are probably wondering what the answer is to creating time and money freedom in your business….

Well, based on our experience, the answer is to create a digital business using online technology around
your area of expertise.

But if do it the wrong way, it won’t be profitable….

Chances are you’ve downloaded reports in the past telling you to create e-books and sell them online,
promising that you will become an internet millionaire…or thereabouts!

You may have a blog, with Google AdSense on it, hoping to make a few cents off every click.

The big gurus will tell you to create an ebook, set up a website, run some traffic to it and poof, overnight you will be an internet millionaire!

In fact, they will tell you that you do not even have to create a product.

Just go to ClickBank and become an affiliate and promote someone else’s product.

Firstly, most of these so-called internet online guru’s talk a bunch of B.S!

They have never actually sold anything online except selling products on how to make money online!

It’ like taking advice health advice from a chain-smoking, overweight doctor! Check where your information is coming from….

Let me tell you why there is flaw in the system and how it will never make you rich.
In fact, you will probably find that most people will actually lose money.

How many $19 e-books do you need to sell to make $10,000/month?

If you do the math, you see that you need to sell 526 books to make that figure.

A reasonable conversion rate online is around 5% online.

This means that you will need to attract 10,000 actual people opting into your list, giving you their email address.

Now let’s say you promoted your ebook on Google or Facebook…because that’s what the ”Guru’s” will tell you to do.

Here’s where it get’s interesting.

Average cost per click may be around 60 cents. Even if your ad is really good, you may only get 20% of all the people who click on your ad to give you their email address.

You now know you need to get 50,000/people/month just to clicks on you ad.

So that equates to an advertising cost of $30,000/month.

Even if you got your cost per click down to 20 Cents, it’s still costing you $10,000/month in advertising alone!!


You just breakeven.

Now do you understand why it’s really difficult to sell just $19 e-books and expect to become ‘rich’?

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-Nalisha Patel