'The 1 Minute Conversion Secret’ Book can radically change your business – fast!

Now this is not an exaggeration.

Just imagine if you could pull in hundreds of free leads for your business and actually convert them easily and fast.

Imagine potential clients calling or messaging you telling you they want to buy your product or service...no questions asked.

Price is barely a concern.

If you think this sounds like a fantasy, think again.

Back in 2006, I used a strategy I teach in the book to gain free publicity for my business.

This resulted in a 4 page spread in a nationwide magazine profiling me personal training the Editor of the Magazine.

I ended up profiting over $88,000 in less than 12 weeks.

This wasn't just a one-off, 'lucky' incident.

My most recent feature was in DailyMail UK, with the story also being picked up by several other international media outlets, resulting in over 442 free, quality leads coming in, with profits of over $11,600 in less than 4 weeks.

I tell you this to hopefully get you excited about what is possible if you do just ONE of the strategies I teach in this book.

This Book Reveals….

  • How to gain free leads through media exposure.
  • How to literally convert in less than one minute, even with cold leads.
  • How to gain massive credibility and stand out from your competitors, immediately and easily.
  • How to become your own 'horn tooter' and easily get your own publicity coverage.
  • How to write or be a columnist for magazines/blogs, quickly establishing authority in your niche and being seen as the expert to your ideal audience.
  • Real world and proven strategies that bring in multiple six-figures, giving you ideas on what to do in your own business.
  • Plus lots more!

All it takes is one new idea to help your business explode to a whole other level.

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Nalisha2Contact Nalisha at: nalisha@nalishapatel.com

Nalisha Patel is author of several books/programs, including Publicity Power – the definitive online program teaching entrepreneurs how to get their own free publicity and helping them to monetize the exposure into instant profits.

With over 13+ years of experience in getting free publicity and appearing in over 65+ various media outlets and features, including prime time television and being a featured columnist in several leading magazines, Nalisha can help you become your own marketing expert.

She’s a trusted Health and Fitness Adviser, Digital Marketing Consultant and Business Coach to thousands of clients worldwide who have participated in her range of unique digital programs.

Personally; there was a time when Nalisha Patel and her husband Janak dreamt of having an expensive house, fancy cars and a bulging bank account.

These days – after a radical shift in thinking – they have designed their own fairytale life, living in dream locations around the world while continuing to build a successful digital business from their laptops.

Instagram - @nalisha_patel

Yes Give Me My Book Now!
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Yes Give Me My Book Now!

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Yes Give Me My Book Now!
Get Your FREE* Book!


Please note that ‘The 1 Minute Conversion Secret’ Book lays the foundation for how to get publicity and run webinars in your business.

After purchasing this book, you will be presented with the opportunity to learn more about Nalisha’s ‘Publicity Power’ Online Program, where you will learn how to not only get publicity and media exposure for your business, but you’ll learn each Step-by-Step action strategies you need to do before, during and after each media feature to maximize how much income you make.

You also will learn how to write for top magazines, how to craft pitches to the media, how to negotiate with them, and what to specifically ask for to ensure you actually get in leads and make money.

You’ll also learn how to set up persuasion based, income producing webinars, with a full ‘plug and play’ template included, which will cut your webinar creation down from weeks, to days.

So yes, you have heard it here first; the book is a stand-alone resource, but interested people have the option to purchase the Publicity Power Program if they choose to. So do not be surprised by extra sales material encouraging you to buy the course!