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ATTENTION ENTREPRENEURS: Are you too BUSY earning a living to make any real money?

Discover the One Simple, Overlooked Strategy that Could See You Actually Traveling the World while Your
Digital Business Generates 6-Figures!

Your Competitors Aren’t Using this Strategy… Yet.
Will You Beat Them to the Punch?

“I went from 4 in-home personal training clients to over 9 in less than 6 weeks thanks to the Escape the Photocopy Life Program. I now make $300 more a week…by following the advice Janak and Nalisha shared on their Escape the photocopy life course.”

“I learned how to attract free media attention for myself. Nalisha really did share her best kept secrets for this! I really admired the way Nalisha got free media attention for her business, and also how she created an automated program that makes money for her, without her having to physically train clients anymore!”
“I got tired of training clients at the gym and am now making nearly £1800/month (US$2800) online from following the Escape the Photocopy Life course.”

“The program helped me get 3 NEW Clients in less than 4 weeks, adding $1500 extra to my monthly profits. I found the program incredibly detailed. I felt like I had Janak holding my hand and talking to me direct on how to bring in customers online and sell to them.”

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, let me ask you a question:

Do you SECRETLY DESIRE to travel the world while you build a profitable online business…yet don’t quite believe it could be possible for you?

If you’re like the vast majority of entrepreneurs (both those who run Internet-only businesses and those who market brick-and-mortar businesses online), you’ve probably tried just about everything you can think of to increase profits AND try to create more freedom for yourself.

You’ve most likely dumped a TON of Money, Time, and Energy into trying to build your business up so you can ease back, travel more, and basically work a lot less than you do now.

Have you tried:

Google or Facebook Ads

Advertising Online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Building & running a Facebook or Twitter Page

Writing Blog Posts and Building your Website

And on and on...

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But so far you’re just working far too much, not seeing a massive boost in profits, and definitely don’t have the freedom to just up and leave for a worldwide adventure.

Is that right?

Let me tell you; you’re far from alone!

There’s an almost endless line of “gurus” out there telling entrepreneurs – smart, educated and determined people like you and me – that certain methods of getting more customers and taking on more work or customers are the “keys to freedom” when it comes to creating a life that you desire.

If you want to dump enough time and money into using them, you will most likely eventually attract customers with these methods – and maybe even turn a profit someday that may give you more freedom…..

But for Many Online Entrepreneurs…
that “Someday” Never Comes!

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You see, the biggest reason entrepreneurs fail to create real Freedom and Profits from their online businesses, is that they are still trading their Time-for-Money.

Basically if you don’t work, you don’t make any money right?!

Most entrepreneurs run out of money, patience, and sometimes time before they ever start seeing real results in their business and lives.

The vast majority of people get frustrated and give up well before they start making serious money online, simply because they are following unproven tactics from “guru’s” that ‘talk’ more than they ‘walk’.

Take Marketing on Facebook for your Business for example.

‘Guru’s’ love to teach this tactic!

Suppose you build a fan page for your business and post content consistently to the page each day to build value.

Fans slowly trickle in. Your ‘fan’ number aren’t that big so you decide to market for more fans, and therefore ‘hope’ to get more customers.

The first questions you need to ask yourself, “Is anybody seeing my posts in the first place,” and “Are these fans engaging with me enough, so they come to my website and then buy from me?”

To be blunt; but it could literally take years for people to start finding your fan page…. And even then, very few of these people naturally bother to come to your website and check out what you have to offer!

So, out of desperation, you may then decide to start buying Facebook ads to start driving traffic to your fan page (and hopefully to your order page).

But getting the hang of Facebook ads through trial and error can take months or even years… and you can plan on spending a TON of money in the process.

And even if you spend a fortune and test your ads, there’s still absolutely no guarantee that you’ll get customers with this 1-step marketing!

That’s exactly what happens to most of us… we get frustrated, decide to cut our losses, and go back to simply WISHING we could have found a way to make our business more successful.

And that’s a shame, because there are millions of talented entrepreneurs just like you who truly deserve to succeed!

But has it become impossible to attract high-quality customers online… without wasting a bunch of time and money in the process?

Fortunately as I can personally attest to… the answer is a resounding “NO!”

How an Overlooked Opportunity Brought Nalisha a Flood of New Customers, enabling her to Automatically Service them, Boost Profits and have her Traveling the World FULL-TIME and
how it can for you too….


My name is Nalisha, and I’m the founder of HealthMastery Group, Author of the Book ‘How to Escape the Photocopy Life’, and Co-Creator of the 12 week Digital Lifestyle-Business-Building Program ‘Escape the Photocopy Life’.

Like you, I had spent countless years racking my brain trying to figure out how to grow my business, (my in-home personal training business), boost my income, service MORE clients, and yet increase my time and freedom so I could enjoy life.

Phew! It's exhausting just thinking about all the years I spent working way too hard, living a ‘Photocopy Life’ (where each day was like the last), trying to ‘make it’ by being financially successful, and having more freedom.

It almost seems like an oxymoron; have more clients and a thriving business, yet have more freedom!

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Business Seminars, Business Coaching, Marketing Summits… you name it, I had tried them all. And let’s just say that my results were dismal at best.

I was actually starting to think that maybe it had become impossible to have a thriving and profitable business, while also increasing my freedom and free time to enjoy life, and not just be clued to my computer 10 hours a day, or out servicing clients.

I was just about out of ideas on how to create the lifestyle I truly desired until….
….one day in early in my business, I decided to take a short break from the day to day running of things, and get clear about what I wanted my ideal life to be like.

The previous day I had come home incredibly frustrated from training a few clients and I had had enough!

I had a team of trainers training a bulk of my clients, but I still chose to train a handful myself to keep my hand in the game.

As it was an in-home PT Business, I trained the client in their own home, having driven there in the late afternoon.

Driving home from the session, I was frustrated and tired as I sat in heavy traffic.

Since I had a session in the late afternoon, I sat in peak hour traffic for over an hour to get home, when it was normally a 20 minute drive!

I had a splitting headache for some reason, so I didn’t want to turn on an audio book as I normally would.

I was tired, hot, overworked….and quite honestly over it all!
I had become bored of training clients in a PT-type setting.

I wanted to spend more time on lifestyle topics with the client, rather than just take them through a rote physical training session.

I had so much I wanted to share to help the client, but had such limited time in the hour session, comprised of mostly physical exercises.

That day was so pivotal for me. I was on the floor with this client, counting their ab exercise repetitions and I remember thinking to myself, “I am so bored! I am just counting reps and going through the motions.”

Also, even though I love dogs, this client had two little yappers that moved around us as we worked out.

The icing on the cake; the house quite honestly smelled a bit too much like dirty dog, and I literally felt ick getting down on the carpet with the client!

It felt like the last straw. My dissatisfaction had been growing for a few months at that point, but that day I had had enough.

Like you no doubt, I had dreams of being financially successful, living in a beautiful home, and most importantly, having the freedom and means to travel and have wonderful experiences with my hubby.

My current reality was unfortunately not my ideal one!

I had been in business for a few years at that point, and I definitely did not feel closer to reaching my ideal life goals….

So as I said, I took the next day to really think about what I wanted out of life.

I unplugged my computer, turned off my phone….and sat thinking, when it suddenly hit me….

If I could DIGITIZE all my health and fitness knowledge into books, dvds, and online programs, I could create more income AND stop trading my Time-for-Money!

Literally no other Personal Trainer at the time was taking advantage of this ‘DIGITAL’ Strategy.

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Fast-Forward to just 6 short months later from that pivotal moment where even more ‘Challenges’ had me assessing my business model (like trainers stealing our clients, diminished income etc. I’ll share those stories with you some other time!).

Inspired by a couple of books I read at the time, and exposing myself more to the online 'digital' business was now DRASTICALLY different!

The Numbers Spoke for Themselves – instead of just making a capped low 4 figures / month, suddenly with my new Digital Business Strategy, I was literally generating 5 figures per month as I was targeting 12 other countries at the time, besides Australasia!

Exciting stuff right!!

Digitizing your Expertize AND Automation Will Revolutionize Your Lifestyle!
Before I started to put together my first Digital Products, I did some research and calculations to assess exactly how many English-Speaking Countries I could potentially sell to and the potential for sales in my niche of health and fitness.
I won’t bore you with all of the details here… but here’s a snapshot of what I decided to implement which DRAMATICALLY increased my profits:

MANTRA of the Lifestyle Rich:
“Do the work Once and Get Paid forever” -
After the initial work of creating the information products, I could just focus on selling them over and over and over again, unlike PT’ing where I would have to train again and again to make income.

Whoa! How could I have overlooked this massive opportunity?!

Maybe YOU are too?

I set out to create my first Digital Product…. It took me a bit to learn the “ins and outs” of the technical side of creating ebooks, audios and ecourses for my specific targeted clients, in addition to marketing to them online.

Here are some results of all this:

  • Generating 5 figures per month with JUST the digital products.
  • Selling in over 10 countries, and growing
  • Over 5000 people joining my database within 6 months of implementing my Online Lead Generation Strategy and growing
  • Gradual letting go of trainers and clients to move 100% online – FREEDOM!
  • A ‘Test’ trip to California to live for 3 months to assess how it was to run a profitable business from any location.

As the year went by, my husband Janak and I got savvier with our online marketing and sales. We devoured everything we could on Internet Marketing, Sales and Conversion.

It consumed us!

Few short years later…..

Our life of Travel and business was a FULL TIME experience:

Here are a few examples of what we were able to accomplish with some simple methods and some screenshots:

Testimonials of Clients on our ONLINE program – fantastic, if not better results than an in-home PT session.
Moving 100% online still offered our customers superior results and value.

Branched into over 10 other English-Speaking Countries, including, New Zealand, Australia, US, UK, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa and Canada.

Reliable Income! As an entrepreneur, especially in the early years as you probably know, there is such an inconsistency in income. This can be incredibly stressful.

I’ve had countless sleepless nights worrying if we would make enough money to just make our monthly expenses!

So to finally make consistent income was literally a dream come true.

Creating the right kind of Digital Business was the solution for us.... and I know it can be for you too.

Want to Digitize your Business and Build a 100% Online Business so you can Travel and Enjoy life NOW,
not just when you are 65?

We've Got You Covered!
As You Can See, we've been Building our Digital Business for over 7 years,  which Generates High 6-figures for us, allowing us to travel, have
Amazing Experiences and Live Literally Anywhere We Desire!

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With our current growth rate, Janak and I can comfortably travel for as long as we desire, have luxurious experiences and adventures, and invest our profits into growing our net worth and assets, all funded by our thriving Digital Businesses.

Now that we’ve perfected our strategies,
we want to share them all with you!

We Had Finally Cracked the Digital Business Code... But Something Was Still Bothering Me...

After having spent literally years spinning my wheels, so to speak, it was a HUGE relief to finally have reliable income coming in, and a reliable system in place to attract leads without spending a fortune on advertising… and without taking hours of time each day away from our travels and enjoying life to the max.

In late 2013, I felt there was still something wrong.

You see, TONS of people out there – well-deserving entrepreneurs just like you – were asking me how we managed to travel around the world so freely and how in the world did we get our business to fund our lifestyle.

I wanted to help… but I didn’t have the time or interest in consulting one-on-one.

I loathe the Time-for-Money Model!

It bothered me that many Entrepreneurs were STUCK where I was just a few years earlier.

I had wished that someone who was living my ideal life would have taken me by the hand and shown me how to get from A to Z, and finally have a business that was 100% online AND gave me the means in which to travel and love life.

So I decided to compile everything Janak and I had learned about Creating and Digitizing Products, Getting leads AND Converting them in an AUTOMATED manner, into one simple, step-by-step system.

I made sure to leave absolutely nothing out, because I wanted you to have the power to start using my system today to literally create YOUR OWN lifestyle business, bringing in qualified, ready-to-buy customers to your online business.

It’s a labour of love, that’s for sure!

After our constant travels, Janak and I headed back home to NZ in early 2014, for the first time since we had left almost 3 years earlier.

We both then spent more late nights and weekends than I care to think about, documenting our processes and spelling everything out as completely as possible!

Janak spent a lot of time meticulously shooting full-on videos to show first-hand each step of this Lifestyle Business.

But in the end, I knew that we had created a really comprehensive training system that could help you Create your Digital Products and Generate a healthy, predictable flow of targeted customers and profits AND most importantly of all, all on virtual autopilot.

Our major point of difference from other ‘online business courses’ out there is that we teach you how to build more automated systems so you can travel.

Why have an online business that keeps you just as busy as the time-for-money model?!

Automation = Freedom to live as you choose!

And that my friend is exactly what you’re getting your hands on just a few minutes from now!

The ‘Escape the Photocopy Life’ 12 Week Digital Lifestyle-Business Building Program

Your Proven Method for Creating Digital Products and Generating a Predictable Flow of Customers and Profits for Your Business!

The Escape the Photocopy Life Program gives you:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions to literally start CREATING the right Digital Products.
  • Strategies to ATTRACT people who are genuinely excited about your business.
  • Techniques to CONVERT them to Customers.
  • Most importantly, and the Most-Often-Missed step; Step-By-Step instructions on how to AUTOMATE your products and most of your marketing, conversion and product delivery….

…..leaving you free to travel, enjoy life to the max and keep on growing and creating!

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In this training, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to:

Create Digital Products, Automate your Sales and Marketing Campaign, Create Profits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… without massive  headaches or long working hours.

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Learn When You Dive Into the Escape the Photocopy Life Program Today!

There’s just too much in this revolutionary course to tell you everything you’re getting when you take advantage of the Escape the Photocopy Life Program….

but I wanted to give you just a taste of what you’re about to discover when you dive into the course materials just minutes from now…

Are you a page SKIMMER?

To Quickly Recap what you will get on this program:

The Escape the Photocopy Life Program is a Proven 12 week system that will show you Step-by-step how to build a near Automated Marketing and Conversion System AND How to Literally Create the right Information Products and Automated give you more profits and freedom.

Banish the Location-Bound Mentality

Just think of the income potential if you were no longer bound to marketing your services in your local region and can now sell to an unlimited number of customers all over the world.

This is the same system Janak and I have personally used to create our own global health, fitness and personal development businesses!

This same system has given us the time freedom AND income to travel the world non-stop for the last 4 years, experiencing different cities and cultures all across the planet..... ....from Istanbul’s grand bazaar.... to soaking up the sun on Santorini Island in eating Swedish Sandwiches in playing in the snow in Norway.

The Escape the Photocopy Life Academy is your complete BLUEPRINT and the ANSWER to help you ESCAPE the Time-for-Money Trap most Entrepreneurs fall in to.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The ETPL Program

Shan B, Miami Total Health, Miami, USA Shan B, Miami Total Health, Miami, USA, Miami Total Health

“I went from 4 in-home personal training clients to over 9 in less than 6 weeks thanks to the Escape the Photocopy Life Program. I now make $300 more a week ($1200 month more) and am looking forward to doubling this (getting 5 more new clients) in less than 6 weeks to reach my goal”…

… following the advice Janak and Nalisha shared on their Escape the photocopy life course. I am a self-employed personal trainer. I work in a gym, and also offer in-home training options. My goal is now to hit around 15 personal training clients in less than 2 months.

Using the advice I learned on the course on how to educate and nurture clients I got 5 new clients in less than 6 weeks. It use to take me over 3-4 months to get a handful of new client to in-home train. I met Nalisha in South Beach, Miami where her and her husband Janak, vacation. I am so happy that I met them. I ordered Nalisha’s book ‘How to escape the photocopy life’ last year and read it in one weekend! I loved it! Knowing them personally and knowing how they travel and live life helped convince me to invest in their 12 week course.

I love that the course is designed and written by an ex-personal trainer (Nalisha) and for me as a personal trainer wanting to do what she is doing. Janak and Nalisha have changed my mindset on how I want to work and life my life. I aim to build up to $900/ week and save the money for a European Trip and get my feet wet so to speak on traveling while still making money.

In the meantime, I am working on getting up a new website around my passion of prenatal training, and offering automated courses and ebooks etc so I too can make my income 100% online, so I can free up my time to travel, run marathons and eventually start a family of my own.

I am excited to see what the future holds for me! Get the course, it will change your business and life. I am well on my way to reaching my goals.

Gabby R, , – Perth, Australia

“I learnt how to attract free media attention for myself. Nalisha really did share her best kept secrets for this! I am happy to announce that I will be featured in an upcoming issue of The Sunday Times!”

I came across Nalisha and Janak’s story when a friend showed me their article on The Age ( Their story really resonated with me, as Nalisha talked about her struggles with being a personal trainer. I felt I could relate to her, especially in wanting to stop working so hard, and creating more free time.

I had a chance to email back and forth with Nalisha and share my story and learn more about hers. I really admired the way Nalisha got free media attention for her business, and also how she created an automated program that makes money for her, without her having to physically train clients anymore!

She hooked me in with that alone!

I joined her course in early August 2014. It took me about 5 months to complete the whole course in my own time. I put a lot of what I learnt into practice over the summer holidays, and I started 2015 off really well!

I have slowly reduced the number of clients I train as I am really starting to get bored with it, leaving me time to build up my online course.

Janak was so helpful in helping me get my course together! I can’t thank him enough. He walked me through how to load up my online course on Autoimmune Conditions and how to get new leads coming in.

From the course I learnt how to attract free media attention for myself and how to have reporters contacting me. Who knew!

Nalisha really did share her best kept secrets for this.

I am so happy to announce that I will be featured in an upcoming issue in of The Sunday Times!

I am confident that using the techniques that Nalisha and Janak taught on the course, I will make money out of the new leads that come through from the media attention.

I learnt so much and highly recommend that if you are trainer, you too check out the course! It comes with a money back guarantee, which was important to me as I didn’t know if it was what I could do.

I now have a goal to stop working so hard for my money and a way to use my expertise to make money online with my passion.

Annalise M, , - London, UK

“I got tired of training clients at the gym and am now making nearly £1800/month (US$2800) online from following the Escape the Photocopy Life course.”

Full Disclosure – I brought Nalisha’s old program – New You KickStart.

I call myself an ex personal trainer now as I really want to move into the online space 100%. Nalisha and Janak are a true inspiration on showing what is possible when you decide to change how you do things.

My mum actually sent me their story that was featured online in New Zealand! I can’t remember the site now just that the story really spoke to me.

I ordered and read Nalisha’s book and it really helped to propel me to look at my life closely and examine what I was doing.
How was Personal Training clients going to help me free up my time? How was Personal Training going to give me the financial security I need and also give me the means in which to invest in the London housing market?

It wasn’t.

When the opportunity came up to purchase New You Kickstart (NYKS), I took it! I had just completed their 12 week course and needed something to make all that I learnt stick to something I could actually build up.

The course is pretty comprehensive so you need time to implement all that you learn.

Using the NYKS as a base product, I started placing Facebook ads, placing the program on Groupon, advertising with google and getting in new leads, stuff I learnt on the course.

I am ‘nurturing them’ as Janak and Nalisha taught, and I have sold a few in London, and now for experience, selling it in New Zealand and the US, which is really great.

I sell approximately 12-14 programs a month, which gives me enough income to quit personal training and focus on learning how to market better online, with the goal of eventually designing my own course on nutrition for diabetics.

I am impressed with the course and still continue to use what I learnt. Thanks goes to Janak and Nalisha.

I recommend you get their course if you are serious about moving from being a PT to getting online and doing something which makes money online and around your passion and expertise.

Peter Lundon – Peter Lundon – , Auckland, New Zealand - Gas Strut Services

“Unfortunately I had to request a refund due to personal circumstances....”

“I was one of the first group of people to purchase the course in New Zealand during an Early-bird
promotion and I have to say I was fully impressed with the content Janak & Nalisha provided.

In fact it was a little overwhelming at first as I am completely new to online business and marketing.
However from what I saw of the content, it was laid out in a simple easy to follow format that gradually guides you from scratch in creating an income online.

Unfortunately with my prior business commitments I simply could not dedicate the time required to get maximum value from the program.

Janak & Nalisha were extremely accommodating when I requested a refund during the 30 Day Guarantee Period.

In fact Janak gave me an extra 30 days to see if I could catch up with the other members on the program and provided me with extra material to help me in my market selection.

After 60 Days I requested a refund and Janak and Nalisha had no hesitation in giving me a prompt no questions asked full refund immediately into my bank account.

The level of customer service and support is impressive.

When I am ready to join the course again, I will have no hesitation.”

Sarah B, , Life Journey Coaching – Melbourne, Australia

“The program helped me get 3 NEW Clients in less than 4 weeks, adding $1500 extra to my monthly profits!”

I joined the Escape the photocopy life Program about 4 months ago now. I am a life coach and have struggled with bringing a steady stream of customers in the past.

I found the program incredibly detailed. I felt like I had Janak holding my hand and talking to me direct on how to bring in customers online and sell to them. He helped me through his course to set up my website the right way so I could convert more customers.

I gained a lot of clarity from doing the course. I ‘attracted’ (as Janak would say!) 3 new long term clients within 4 weeks of implementing the advice given by Janak and Nalisha. That was just from one Facebook ad and setting up some marketing systems to convert them!

I am excited to do more. I am rebranding and introducing Business Coaching as it offers a better return which Janak recommends setting up from the get go.

In the past I might have felt scared to do this, but now I feel so confident in bringing in clients and getting them to sign on to my services. I just need to repeat more of the stuff that works. Thanks guys ”

Elise Rogers – , Auckland, New Zealand

“Yes I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I did this course in the end!”

Hi Janak and Nalisha, as you know I saw your media write up in the NZ Herald. I was so inspired by your story of how you travel while working from your laptop. As a teacher, I have always been interested in helping to educate people. After working in the schooling system for over 10 years now I feel ready to move onto something else but was scared and sceptical about an ‘online course’.

Your course came at the right time! I have been going through the materials and videos and there is so much stuff to learn about online marketing. I am excited to launch an online business around teaching foreign students how to get jobs.

I feel like I have hope. Your course has given me so much confidence to get started. I am a 46 year old married woman with no kids. My husband and I want to leave the 9-5 and travel and make money from our laptops too. We want to live life now as you say!

I am working on setting up my website – Janak you made it all too easy – and getting a report together to attract the right people to work with.

What I liked best about the program? I loved the step by step guidance to clarify what I wanted to do in the first place, all the way through to marketing and sales. I feel confident I can carve out a niche and create a business that will fund our travels and new lifestyle.

My biggest achievement so far? Learning how to set up a website! I impressed my husband J I found that the tools and services you taught made everything so much simpler than I thought it would be. I am excited to learn more about online marketing.

Thank you for giving me the confidence to do this – and also for being so inspiring and giving me and my husband hope that we can break free of the 9-5 and live around the world like you do while making money J

I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I did this course in the end!

Tony Wan –, San Francisco, USA

“Impressed….different from other online programs out there.”

My wife Cathy and I were really inspired by your story in the Huffington Post article.
We’ve always wanted to travel while making some form of passive income.

We’re property investors and have done many online programs promising to teach you how to be wealthy and make loads of money.

You both are the real deal. I was impressed with how honest Janak was with me when we chatted on the phone just prior to me purchasing your program. He answered my questions and even helped by giving me some marketing tips before I even signed up! I'm impressed.

I am nearing the end of the course now and have gained a lot of new knowledge. Right now we are setting up our website. This program has been different from other programs out there that we have tried.

Sandra J, , Little Piggies Cleaning, USA

Making an extra $1800/month in my business thanks to the course….and hired 2 extra people so I have more ‘me’ time! ”

“The Escape the Photocopy Life course gave me the confidence to increase my wealth and know that I can know infinitely grow my business to increase my income and free up my time….

I came across Nalisha and Janak’s story from their feature on Yahoo Travel about Digital Nomads.

I was so inspired to read their story and learn that they got to travel around while making money online.

I run a cleaning company and had been too overwhelmed to make my website effective for getting more customers.

Their 12 week course really gave me the step by step advice I needed to get my website working for me.

I followed their advice over the last 3-4 months and have increased my leads by 200%! Yes, my leads were dribbling in before, but now thanks to the advice given on the course, I acquired 8 new long term customers thanks to learning how to “nurture” my leads.

Due to this, I am now making an extra $1800/month in my business thanks to the course. I eventually hired 2 extra people so I have more ‘me’ time, which I LOVE!

The Escape the Photocopy Life course gave me the confidence to increase my wealth and know that I can know infinitely grow my business to increase my income and free up my time.

What I liked best about the program?
For someone as technically challenged as me, I understood how to get my website working for me so I could increase my income. I learnt how to make use of my leads and nurture them so they didn’t go to waste as they would have in the past, before the course.

I learnt so much about how to market for my niche. Janak was so helpful, answering my questions and even chatting on the phone when I got stuck on how to set up a backend system to communicate with my clients.

My biggest achievement so far? Hiring 2 contracted cleaners is a dream come true! I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t done the course and figured out a way to get more clients. I have more time now for myself, and I have more energy for my family.

Thank you Nalisha and Janak for all your help in changing my life. You both are an inspiration and I hope to eventually have all contracted cleaners so I too can travel around the world while still making money, like you both have successfully done.

Praise for the 'How to Escape the Photocopy Life' Book Principles

Jeff Steinmann Jeff Steinmann, How To Quit Working

"Way too many people are living boring lives, working for someone else and not having any passion whatsoever for what they are doing on a daily basis. Not only does Nalisha offer solid, practical and time-tested advice, she's actually done it along with her husband Janak. If you are tired of the same-old 9-5 routine, you have to pick up this book, it will change how you look at the concept of earning money."

Ben Altadonna Ben Altadonna, Altadonna Communications Inc

"I never give book reviews but this is a great book. Why? Because the author and her husband actually do practice what they preach. I too practice a mobile lifestyle and have met the author's husband. The book and the couple are for real. A very useful book."

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Your Risk Free 21 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the Escape the Photocopy Life Program RISK-FREE for 21 Days…

And if You Don’t Feel you will get Value from it….I’ll Buy it Back and Refund you!

I’ll be honest with you – Janak and I put a TON of work into making sure the Escape the Photocopy Life System gives you a simple, repeatable way to Create Digital Products and then Generate a Consistent Flow of Customers and Profits for your business.

And we’re sure you’re going to absolutely love how easy it is to attract hundreds – or even thousands – of motivated, targeted customers to you.

But I want you to be as confident with your purchase as I am. The reality is; the course is 12 weeks.

You will first learn everything you need to know to get a Digital Business set up and How to Attract and Convert Customers. Obviously you need to implement what you learn!

So here’s what I propose:

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      The official Facebook Page for John Gray presently has 203,000 Fans.

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      Millions of women around the world have read his famous book "Men are from Mars Women are from Venus". It’s one of the most popular relationship books in history.

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      In promoting this and any of our other programs, products or services, we use illustrative numbers only and we cannot and do not make results guarantees or give professional or legal advice. That is why it is important that you understand that we do not guarantee specific results or income earned. Our transparency in this matter is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity.

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