How many weeks have you got left to live?

Imagine it’s the 1st of January and you just found out that you only have exactly 1 year left to live on this planet.

What would you do?

1 year is only 52 weeks!

Yes, obvious I know!

But how many of us stop to really think about how short a year really is?

That means you’ve only got 1 more summer left.
You’ve only got one more winter left.
You’ve only got 52 weeks to experience everything in life you’ve put off for that elusive “Some Day”….
….someday I will travel, someday I will go to Europe, someday I will take that risk….etc

The average person lives to around 80 Years of age.

If you multiply 80 x 52 (the number of weeks in a year) this equals 4000 Weeks.

You have LESS THAN 4000 weeks to make your mark on this planet.

If you are 40 now, you only have 2000 weeks left.

That’s only 39 more summers to spend with your family and experience the world…or whatever else you love doing.

When I was presented with this analogy over 9 years ago, it freaked me out!

I wanted to do everything possible to buy back my time to do what I wanted to truly do.

Everything that was a time-sucking vampire had to go so I could work on learning more about this ‘internet thing’ and build an online income stream.

You may be working by trading you precious time for cash in your business, and telling yourself you don’t have the time to learn how to break free.

It’s really depends on how badly you want “it”.

How badly do want to create an income stream which is not dependent on your time?

How badly do you want to replace your salary from your job or current business so you can travel?

Would you work weekends? Would you dedicate a few hours each evening after working?

The biggest time sucking vampire I drove a stake through was the Television.
Get rid of the T.V and you automatically free up an extra 2-3 hours per day!

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-Nalisha Patel