Introducing Nalisha Patel's Flat Belly Kitchen Program - The Ultimate Weight-loss System


I'm Nalisha Patel.

You might already know a bit of my story.

I've been a Personal Trainer for over 13 years now.

Around 2015, I actually started to gain weight whilst traveling the world with my husband.

It took 2.5 years of trial, error and lots of experimenting to figure out what I needed to lose weight.

Maybe you're the same; maybe you've tried the usual array of weightloss programs out there and just didn't get the results you wanted.

I want to give you a Step-by-Step plan of action of 2.5 years of research, that you can personalise to suit YOU, so you can finally lose the weight and keep it off.

I would like to introduce you to my New and Updated Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise System....FLAT BELLY KITCHEN PROGRAM (formerly Lookforever30)

I basically spent the last 2.5-3 years researching the best ways to lose weight.

After going through the AWFUL and SELF-ESTEEM CRUSHING challenge of shifting 12-14 kilos, and I realized that many of the known strategies for losing weight were just not enough.

If you've struggled to lose weight using cookie-cutter programs, then you might also need a few additional resources and action steps to finally break through and lose excess weight.

You've come to the right place if you're ready to add some SUPER SIZED methods to your tool box.

Finally use a plan that can be tailored to YOU and your individual needs.

None of this is 'One-Size Fits All'.

  • Learn how to structure your meals and meal times for optimum fat loss.
  • Learn the fastest and most effective way to Exercise, giving you the best possible results.
  • Learn the some of the best Lifestyle Hacks to take control of your sleep, energy levels and overall sense of wellness.

Nalisha Patel - Bachelor of Science, Auckland University /Double Major Sports and Exercise Science and Psychology

Calories in, Calories out....The Biggest Weight Loss Misnomer Ever

I’m sure you have heard the saying ‘Calories in (diet) must be less than Calories out', (exercise, metabolism and activity) if you want to lose weight.

Most people when they start a diet program drastically reduce their calorie intake in hopes of losing that dreaded extra pudge.

What happens though? They lose some ‘weight’ on the scales for a short period of time and then when they go back to eating normally (which they always have to do), they gain back all that extra weight they lost.

I will let you in on a secret; that extra ‘weight’ that was lost is really water weight, NOT FAT.

As you drastically reduce your calorie intake over the course of a day, your body does all it can to help you function.

It starts using your precious, precious (did I mention precious?) muscle to keep your body functioning.

You drop water weight AND lose precious muscle all because you decided to cut calories to lose weight, yet you DON’T permanently lose any FAT…. and if anything, you gain back more weight than you started with.

Let me teach you a better way; one that took me a few years so learn....

So what is the Solution?

I will teach you the ‘one’ concept you need to know to ensure you eat for a healthier and slimmer body.

It’s based on the latest research, it becomes downright easy, and once you know it, you know it for life.

Paired with the right type of exercise plan (you'll receive full workout plans and descriptions) to conserve Precious muscle, you can burn fat AND keep it off for good.

This program is like a ‘choose your own adventure’ weight loss plan; you can lose weight experimenting with scientifically proven techniques and fine tune them for a personalized plan that is right for YOU, so you can start losing weight.

I’ve also added in some Eastern (Ayurvedic) techniques to help ease stress and boost mood.

I'll also be including my best tips on Lifestyle; how to get the best night sleep, how to ease stress, how to work your lymphatic drainage system, how to ensure the best possible energy, and much more!

Everything I teach is practical and proven. Nothing is theory.

Health and wellness research and findings change as fast as the latest Viral Video or Meme ('In my Feelings' Challenge included!)

Here's what you will discover on my FLAT BELLY KITCHEN PROGRAM - Comprehensive Weight Loss and Wellness System

Below is a small sample of what I will be covering.....

  • The secret to banishing calorie counting and actually eliminate cravings...forever. Dramatic I know; but true!
  • Full Nutritional Guidelines that you will personalise to suit your preferences, ensuring longterm success.
  • 2 x 4 week Exercise Programs (for home or gym) utilizing the most effective ways to help enhance your Weight-loss
  • How to Personalize each aspect of the Program so it suits YOU - one size DOES not fit all.
  • Lifestyle Factors (stress, sleep, mood) to enhance your Weight-Loss and Boost your Health
  • The Latest Strategies For Weightloss - most women AREN'T doing this!
  • And Learn Much, Much More….!

So How Much Is the Flat Belly Kitchen and Weightloss System Worth To You?

This same system took me 2.5 years to piece together, resulting in my own 12kg Weight-Loss!

To be honest, you could hire a nutritionist to help you with your diet.

Last time I checked, they charge out at about $100 per hour for some consulting advice, which does need to be ongoing (with ongoing fees).

Some require you to commit to a program for about 12 weeks, which would cost you over $1200!

If you do go this route, make sure they are top notch and constantly educate themselves on the latest research, as mentioned above, it's always changing.

The information I provide in my tested, proven 'Flat Belly Kitchen'  and Weightloss System could easily sell for over $1000.00.

But I am not going to sell this package for $1200.

That would not be fair!

I know that many reading this right now want it but the price will determine if they get access to it.

There is no need to worry!

I know that at $1200.00, it would be out of reach for many people.

Would you invest even half of this $500 for an advanced nutrition plan and program to accelerate Fat Burning and help you actually get into the Best Shape of your life?

Help you sleep better, reduce your stress levels and the Health and Wellness you've been dreaming about?

Digital Download

All Program material is delivered via email. Program materials include PDF, Emails and Downloads and a near-automated email e-course walking you through the material.

Order Today At This Unbelievable Offer!

One Off Investment only. No ongoing costs

With either Package - FREE EMAIL COACHING with Nalisha!
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    GOLD PROGRAM -click here to join

    Digital Download of Program Material only.

    1 x Personalized Coaching provided via email (to be used within 2 weeks of start date. Email questions through, with 1 personalized reply)

    Ongoing Email support for technical program questions.


    Your Downloadable PDF and Materials will be available
    for download from the closest coming Monday after purchase.


    Terms and Conditions / Refund Policy

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    Some Helpful FAQ's For The FBK Program

    Q: What equipment do I need to do this program?

    A: All you need are a varied set of hand held weights, Swiss ball and (optional) Rebounder/mini Trampoline for the exercises.  The exercise programs can be performed at home or the gym.

    More information will be provided on the program.

    Q: How much time do the workout programs take to do?

    A: Allow yourself 30-40 minutes, 2-3 times per week for the weight training and minimum 30 minutes 4-6 times per week of walking / low intensity exercise for cardio.

    Q: Are there any ongoing costs to the program?

    A: There are no ongoing costs to either the Gold or Platinum Coaching Programs after the initial investment, for the full 8-12 weeks of the program.

    Q. Can I lose weight off my thighs....or my stomach....or my arms on this program?

    A. You will lose body fat on the program, but it is unique and personal to you where that will be. Sorry, there is no clear cut answer on this one! Best to think back to how your body looked at your past ideal weight and assess whether slimming in certain areas is feasible for your body. If you've always been curvy on your bottom half, yet had a slim upper body frame, your weight loss path may follow the same pattern.

    Q: I am vegetarian / eat Gluten Free. Can I still do the program?

    A: You can still get great value from the program. The nutritional information and plan is based on a carnivorous diet. The program teaches the fundamentals of healthy eating, so you can modify the program to suit your own preferences. That is really the goal of the program; making it work for you!

    Q: As the program is automated, does that mean I can’t ask a real person questions?

    A: You can definitely ask questions relating to the program or for technical assistance. Correspondence is done via email. We are on hand to help with general questions relating to the technical support for the program.

    See each package for details on Personalized Advice.

    Q: Am I only allowed to drink water? Is tea/coffee/alcohol allowed?

    A: We recommend ditching sugary drinks – energy drinks, soft drinks/pop/soda, sugared water drinks etc for the duration of the program. Feel free to drink tea/coffee/herbal teas etc, in addition to increasing your water intake.

    Alcohol is allowed, but not recommended. If you can abstain from it for the duration of the program, we highly recommend it! If you wish to still drink socially, do so in moderation.

    Q: What do I need to get started (other than equipment)?

    A: All you need is an email address to receive all materials and email correspondence for the program and be eager to do the program!

    Q: I have injuries. Am I able to do the program?

    A: As the program is done purely online and through email, we are not able to monitor you and adjust the program to your personal injuries. We recommend talking to your Doctor or

    Q: I’m going away. Can I please stop the program and start again when I get back OR Q: I would like to get some materials/emails in advance as I am going away Or Q: I am sick. Can I stop the program?

    A: Unfortunately due to the nature of the program we are unable to stop and start you on the program. The emails are all sent out sequentially on certain days of the week. If you are heading away, then we advise you just catch up on your return. We suggest you have all emails from the program go into a separate folder and try and catch up when you get back and pick up where you left off.

    GP first to establish what your limits are.

    Q: Can I request any program material after I finish the program

    A: Please download all materials as you go through the program. On completion of the program, HealthMastery are not able to send you any program links or emails.

    Q; Do Results vary and do I need to Check with GP before joining?

    A: Results will differ due to the nature of an individuals’ commitment to the program and individual efforts. This program is not intended for people who are pregnant, have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, bulimia, anorexia or other serious health problem. We advise you check with your GP or Doctor before starting any new exercise and diet plan

    Results vary and any displayed results for this program are not guaranteed.

    Still have a general question that wasn’t answered above?

    Send us an email at info @ We'll do our best to help!