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The ‘How to Escape the Photocopy Life’ Book will change your thinking about how you currently live…and get you taking action fast!

Follow Jayden and Remy's journey together as Jayden learns 7 Key Principles from Remy, the mysterious stranger who shows up and shakes up his world.

In this Simple Parable, learn the 7 key Mindset lessons that could change the way you live your life, helping you to become LifeStyle Rich.

This Book Reveals….

  • Why SMART Goals will keep you poor and unhappy….and how setting SMUDA Goals will help you become richer and happier!
  • The 4 KEY Questions you MUST ask yourself before your life can truly change.
  • How you have the life you have settled for.
    Harsh, but true. Find out what to do about it!
  • How most people give up 70% of their life for a 30% return and how you can STOP the Insanity to live a richer life with just one decision!
  • Merge your Ideal Self with your Current Self by learning this ONE technique.
  • How there are 2 types of goals – one keeps you TRAPPED, and the other can TRANSFORM your life.
  • 2 ‘Lists’ that could literally change your life forever. They are too easy, and produce FAST results!
  • The 66 Day Challenge that walks you through life changing exercises to see radical changes in your day-to-day life!
  • Plus lots more!

naliHi I'm Nalisha Patel,

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This book is a short parable that will teach you about the mind-set you need take Escape the Photocopy Life!

To take yourself and your business to the next level, you might need a new way of thinking.

I designed this book for YOU; someone who wants more out of life, and desires the freedom and money to enjoy life to the max.

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Who Is Nalisha Patel?


Nalisha2Contact Nalisha at: info@nalishapatel.com

Nalisha Patel is an award winning entrepreneur, author of several books and programs (Lookforever30), and co-founder of The Escape the Photocopy Life 12 week Program

She helps Entrepreneurs create a profitable digital online businesses, teaching what they know and love so they can live anywhere, and work from anywhere like she does.

She’s a trusted Health and Fitness Adviser, Digital Marketing Consultant and Business Coach to thousands of clients worldwide who have participated in her range of unique digital programs.

There was a time when Nalisha Patel and her husband Janak dreamed of having an expensive house, fancy cars and a bulging bank account.

These days – after a radical shift in thinking – they have designed their own fairytale life, living in dream locations around the world while continuing to build a successful digital businesses from their laptops.

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