Do this ONE Weird thing and have the edge to Succeed!

Hey, do you want to create your own time zone and give yourself a MAJOR advantage?

Are you game to try something a little weird to help give you an edge for success?

I hope so!

See, Janak and I are a little unconventional.

We are currently in South Beach, Miami and a few weeks ago Daylight Savings (DS) finished up. As you probably know, you need to turn your clock back one hour so it is back to ‘normal time’.

clcokHere’s the WEIRD and unconventional part; we chose not to turn our clocks back!

Early in the year when we were back in New Zealand, we chose not to turn the clock back when DS finished up there. We literally kept our clock 1 hour ahead of the rest of the country for months until we literally left to start traveling again.

We call our time zone ‘Jannali Standard Time’ (JST), jannali being a mashup of our names!
So doing the same thing here in Miami was a piece of cake.

We wake up around 6am, which is 5am ‘normal’ time (yes we do go to bed earlier than most!) and get to fit in so many things before the rest of the country is even up, which gives us an amazing edge:
We mediate for 20 minutes first thing in the morning, which pays dividends.
We work out for 30 minutes most mornings, which keeps us full of energy to live life to the max.
We have a leisurely breakfast, chat together and even fit in some educational reading time.
We also knock-out about 2 hours of solid, uninterrupted work, on top of the 2 hours of quality personal time, all before most people are at their desk, scrolling through their emails and sipping their first cup of coffee!

This ONE weird technique has changed our life….

Don’t you think this will give you a MAJOR advantage over your competitors and peers?

It personally helps keep us focused and disciplined AND gives us ample time to play and enjoy life that much more….we know it could do the same for you if you give it a try.

There really is a different mindset to getting up early, creating your own rules and starting your day off so powerfully with key tasks.

So, I urge you to give this a go for yourself!

Change the clock on your iPhone so its 1 hour ahead and adjust your schedule accordingly for your personal time.

If you work for someone else and have a set schedule, still do it! Make it work, no excuses.

Share how you get on by emailing me at

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Have fun with the challenge and let me know how you find it changes your life!
Nalisha 🙂