‘THIS’ will be the death of your goals, unless you….

I don’t know about you, but I’m VERY AWARE when I make excuses.

My husband Janak and I are quite blunt at pointing it out to each other when we hear excuses being made!

“You’re totally making an excuse! What’s the real reason?!”

Let me now be blunt with YOU:

“You’re totally making an excuse! What’s the real reason:

….. you aren’t already wealthy?

…..you aren’t already free from working so hard?

…..you aren’t already at your desired business goal?

…..you aren’t already traveling more, spending more time with your family, OR ___________?
(you fill in the blank with something that is important to you)


Do you have an internal or external Locus of Control (LOC)?

People with a dominant INTERNAL Locus of Control believe that much of their life’s circumstances are
governed by their own actions. They praise or blame themselves accordingly.

Example; If you are not making much money, then you will believe that YOU haven’t done the right actions or
learnt the right skills to increase your income.

People with a more dominant EXTERNAL Locus of Control tend to praise or blame external factors in their life.

Example; you would believe you aren’t making much money because there is a recession or because your business partner
doesn’t work as hard as you etc etc….

Action Step for the week:

  • Examine which one (Internal or External LOC) is more dominant for you over the coming week.
  • Catch how you frame your excuses – Internal or External LOC?
    ‘Because I didn’t do xyz….’
    ‘Because of xyz, I can’t do….’
  • Decide on 2 ways you can re-frame your excuses to take more responsibility…giving you control to actually change things.

Enjoy this process and watch how your results will SKYROCKET by becoming a more Internal LOC type of person and by tackling your excuses!


Share with us below which one is more dominant for you and 2 Ways you plan to re-frame your excuses. Look forward to reading your comments!